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    Keynote Speaker, The Productivity Predicament

    Humans are experiencing societal changes at a rate unmatched in the history of our existence. Technology, the force behind much of this transformation, is enabling women to advance in business and careers using alternate, previously inaccessible paths. However, there is a dark side to our current trajectory... In this talk, I will share the lessons along my journey through entrepreneurship as well as immediately implementable tools and tactics for your own journey.


    I work with organizations that want to leverage technology to increase profits and productivity. Technology includes social media, apps, smartphones, the web and big data. I am a futurist, technology marketing strategist, and author of two books-- "One Tech Action: A Quick-and-Easy Guide to Getting Started Using Productivity Apps and Websites for Busy Professionals" and "The Social Media WHY: A Busy Professional's Practical Guide to Using Social Media Including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Blogs for Business."

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    Who's Quality is it, Anyway?

    As the CEO of Quality Aero Systems, Diamond Williams is responsible for operating all facets of the business. Diamond has a proven track record working with Data and almost 10 years of experience in the quality assurance/control field of aerospace manufacturing. Diamond worked as a Data Engineer where she helped with cloud-based data migrations, ETL pipeline development, and reporting data quality. Previously, she worked in Aerospace Manufacturing as a Quality and Process Improvement Engineer where she led SMART Manufacturing initiatives.  Diamond holds many certifications such as a Lead Auditor, Quality Management Systems Auditor, and is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

    Additionally, Diamond serves as an Adjunct Instructor for Southern New Hampshire University’s Data Analytics Bachelor’s program. Diamond earned a BS in Industrial Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, formerly known as the University of Missouri - Rolla, and an MS in Quality Management from Eastern Michigan University. Outside of work,  Diamond is the Nahledge&Pettiness 

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    Public Speaking & Your Career

    I founded Innovation Women, Innovation Nights and Carlton PR & Marketing. Innovation Women is an online speaker bureau for entrepreneurial, technical and professional women. We connect event managers with great female speakers. Innovation Nights is a free monthly product launch party & networking event that has grown into a local innovation economy mainstay. We mobilize the local social media community to help support Boston-region entrepreneurs and innovators with grassroots level visibility. We've helped to launch more than 1500 products in ten years. I founded Carlton PR & Marketing, a boutique integrated marketing agency. We focus on delivering marketing results based on our clients'​ goals. 

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    Insider Secrets of Salary Negotiation

    Kate helps diverse leaders around the world become both more successful and more fulfilled through coaching, in-person workshops, masterminds, and online courses where she teaches breakthrough strategies and techniques to accelerate leadership results.  She also provides strategic management consulting services, including new leader integration, teambuilding, organization design, and compensation consulting to her corporate and non-profit clients. Kate has spent the past 25 years working for and consulting with leaders in for-profit companies including Nike, Intel, American Express, Opal, Quantum, Air Liquide, and Kaiser Permanente, as well as non-profits like DePaul Industries, Period, and the Nike Community Impact Fund. She’s a certified coach (Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the Co-active Training Institute) and has been certified in compensation for over 20 years (Certified Compensation Professional from WorldAtWork). Kate is certified to administer Hogan Assessments and interpret their results, and she is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

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    From Stats to Stories: The Art of Data Storytelling

    Tricia is a self-service analytics leader, and an experienced Senior Business Intelligence Developer with a demonstrated history of working within information technology and analytics, bridging the gap between business and decision making data. She's skilled in Report Writing, Dashboard Design, Quantitative Research, and Critical Thinking, with strong business development skills. She holds a Master of Science focused in Applied Psychology from University of Wisconsin-Stout. She co-organizes the Twin Cities Tableau User Group and leads the local She Talks Data Book Club. 

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    When Getting Lost Leads to Finding More

    Lydia consults with small businesses and start ups to fine tune their strategic operations to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs. She has extensive experience as an analyst (Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency, Air Force, Synovous Corp) and a former university instructor. Lydia uses her strengths in analytics to find the opportunities for growth and helps companies create strategic plans for future operations. Lydia is a speaker who discusses life issues like authenticity, vulnerability and women in STEAM. Sharing the lessons of my journey to help others with their own. Her best selling book, And So I Prayed, can be found on Amazon. Lydia’s passion project is London’s Learning, Inc in support of a 9 year old girl reading 1000 books in a year. This first literacy initiative (LondonsReadathon.org) raises funds to purchase books for other children who do not own any. Books are distributed in the US and orphanages around the world. Lydia is also a singer.

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    Simple Strategies for Protecting Your IP on the Open Web

    I’m a full-stack developer with strong experience in automated analysis pipelines and work at the cutting edge of reinforcement learning, predictive analytics, and algorithmic efficiency. I give talks about the reduction of structural bias in tech and how the open web can be a force for good in the world. I run a big data and cloud computing online course based fully on open-source brain imaging software - and I'm launching a new course on Clojure and functional programming in 2020. I enjoy finding nuance in complicated data sets. I'm always up for a new challenge. 

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    Agile Principles for Avoiding Burnout

    Who takes care of the change agent? Join Michaele Gardner to learn about how applying the 12 Agile Best Self Principles can change your life. Get hands-on experience focusing inward on something you can control – your needs, not the needs of a team. These principles will help you go from beyond burnout and on to awesome!


    Michaele Gardner started out as a counselor at an emergency crisis line. Clients were too messy: defined inputs did not lead to predetermined outputs. So she moved into the world of IT and has not looked back, but has always stayed closed to her roots in counseling. As a COBOL developer, Michaele loved diving into the clean logic and flow of well written code as well as working with other developers. Her next iteration led her into Object Oriented coding. Landing as a Java developer on an XP team brought together her interests in psychology, flow, teamwork and problem solving. Her next step was to help engineers and organizations understand business value at a micro and macro level. She currently spends her day being a connector and catalyst as an Agile Coach.

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    Building your Net Worth, your Network & your Self Worth

    Miracle Olatunji is a student at Northeastern University, an entrepreneur, and best-selling author of Purpose: How To Live and Lead With Impact. She founded OpportuniMe, an award-winning organization that connects youth to summer learning opportunities to help them develop their professional, life, and leadership skills. At Northeastern, Miracle is a finance and accounting major with a passion for entrepreneurship, technology, financial literacy, and innovation. She believes that everyone has a purpose and believes that part of her own purpose is to help others realize their potential. 

    She is the Vice President of Access & Opportunity for the Women In Finance Initiative.  She’s been honored as a Women To Watch, a Young Global Leadership Scholar, and her work has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Harvard Business Review, Technical.ly, BostInno, The CEO Library, and other leading publications. She was also selected as one of America’s Amazing Teens by the AAT Project, which identifies exceptional youth who are changing the world and was part of Barbie’s #YouCanBeAnything campaign to inspire women and girls around the world. 

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    How to Podcast Like a Pro, Enrich your Career & your Soul

     My name is April, and I use a combination of psychology, design thinking, and analysis to help people and businesses get what they want. Analysis and insight helps us understand where we currently are and what got us here. Design thinking helps us chart a path into the future, and psychology helps us get over the road bumps that limit our progress along the way.

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    7 Habits of Effective Change Agents

    Business and IT Transformation Leader with a unique ability to deliver sustainable change in shorter periods of time and with greater-than-expected results. Through my excellent online, oral, and interpersonal communication skills I design and implement the business and technology strategies that merge silo practices, align accountability, and deliver strong business value. I establish consistent, repeatable organizational practices and continuous improvement in highly regulated (banking, health insurance) and branded (retail) companies.


    Dynamic Organizational Change Specialist adept at overcoming resistance, influencing and leveraging people and resources to deliver the best possible results. I consistently apply a scientific mindset trained to assess, dissect and drive mission critical solutions that ensure reliability in governing large scale, corporate transformation. Proven ability to build relationships and attain buy-in at all levels of Fortune 500 companies. 

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    Creating Safe Spaces for Couragous Conversations

    I am Strategic Technology & Diversity Leader with expertise centered in global growth and enterprise advancement, business value, and end-user collaborations in Life Science, the Federal Government and Public Sector, Finance, Supply Chain, Infrastructure, and Audit and Compliance for Fortune 100 and 500 partners. I have managed the development and execution of transformational programs under the Information Technology umbrella that range from $150K to $45M in annual revenue. As a seasoned Information Technology professional, I have managed programs and teams that operated in various corridors including system integrations, Customer Adoption, Data and Analytics, Cloud Analytics (AWS), and Analytical Engineering, State Privacy, Audit, and IT Governance.

    Prior to my current role, I was the President of MMS IT Consulting, LLC, an independent consulting firm responsible for sourcing and placement of domestic IT talent. As a consultant/owner, I delivered resources that contributed to organizational realizations, earning me the reputation of a true servant leader with exceptional delivery and client support. 

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    Being the "Only" in the Room

    I'm an experienced strategist, project manager, and leader. I have an innate ability to build relationships and bring people together across functional teams to meet business needs. I excel when given a challenge that most people assume is impossible or unrealistic. I have a wide set of skills from creating global product launch tours to developing diversity and inclusion initiatives to managing marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations. I am a passionate person who believes in starting a project from a place of positivity, but I am also highly logical and analytical. I believe in using data to set goals and help drive hard conversations with my peers and with leadership.  


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