Be heard. Share your story.

We are collecting your stories to share with our community. Stories about how your race, nationality, gender or sexuality has impacted your journey, positively or negatively. Sharing our lived experiences with each other can:

  • be therapeutic for the storyteller.

  • better prepare others to recognize and handle similar situations should they happen to them.

  • foster a sense of togetherness through shared experiences.

  • raise awareness of the lived realities of women and minorities in the workplace.


Storytellers may choose to remain anonymous and should use extreme caution if they feel it's necessary to name names, as stories may be shared publicly. 

If your story, or a portion of it, is chosen to be shared publicly you will be notified beforehand, unless you've chosen not to share your email address with us.

How to share your story:

  1. Record your story.  Try using the Voice Memo app on your iPhone. 

  2. Save the voice file by selecting the "Save to Files" option. 

  3. From a browser on your iPhone, complete the form on this page and don't forget to upload your audio file.   

Upload Audio File

Thanks for having the courage to share your story!