We're curating our 2022 speakers with content that is well-aligned to one of our four key areas: 
  • Lessons from Leaders. Hear the personal journeys and advice from women who’ve been through the trenches and emerged ahead.
  • Taboo Topics. Openly talk about topics that aren’t being talked about, but desperately need to be.
  • Technical Workshops. Keep your skills sharp and broad with focused workshops on a variety of in-demand technologies and best practices.
  • Practical Workshops. It’s not all about tech skills; learn techniques that will enhance the quality of your life and help you achieve your dreams.
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Show your support for our mission, build strategic exposure for your brand and gain access to a diverse and passionate talent pool by sponsoring The Sistech Conference. Here’s what you’ll receive in exchange for a partially tax-deductible donation:
  • One of a limited number of sponsor tables inside the general session room.
  • Inclusion of your company name and logo in all major conference promotions, including the website.
  • Five conference passes and an exclusive registration discount to promote your involvement in the event.
  • A speaking slot for someone in your organization to share how your culture of inclusion and equality has helped them reach their career goals.

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If we're going to succeed at effecting radical change in the technology workplace, we are going to need help! Here are some ways you can support us with your time:
  • Help with logistics and execution at the conference in May. 
  • Help shape our values and events by joining the Sistech Brain Trust, if a seat is available.
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